What ?

A tool to create cool-looking art pieces without scratching your mind too much !


Press R to create a new paint

What for ?

This was made for the PROCJAM 2021

With what ?

It was created using the olc pixel game engine and the browser version by the additional use of emscriptem.

Why ?

Because art !


No sheeps were harmed during the development of this program


ElectroChipArt.exe 67 kB
ElectroChipArt.cpp 8 kB


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Trippy.  This is really cool.  :D

I could see using images like these as wallpaper, They have that balance of interesting, but not attention-grabbing. I'dl ike to know about he algorithm that generates them.

I added the source code if you want to have a look at the generation :)

Wow, thanks!

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Reminds me of magnified, or bismuth crystals, woah! OoO